Tuesday, January 6, 2009

爱孝: happy blogging !!

Attention please, 于宁 here.

hello my dear classmates, look, now you've two ways to start posting on this blog.

blog through our shared blogger account: 5sxiao09@live.com.my.
this would be easy & convenient for those beginners.
you just have to sign in and you can now start blogging!

blog through your own blogger account
for those who had a blogger account,
you can add your own blogger account into the admin group,
so you'll be able to blog by your blogger account.
if you do not have a blogger account, you can choose to sign up one too.

(this Q&A is for those who chose the (2) way.)

firstly, you must have a blogger account.
sign out your own account after you created a new account and sign in to the shared account with email 5sxiao09@live.com.my
click to SETTINGS and choose PERMISSIONS.
can you see the ADD AUTHORS icon down there? Click that.
type the email that you used to sign up for the blogger account, and click INVITE.
now, go the your email' inbox to check for the notification email.
you'll see a valid link and of course, click it.
in the new page, you are requested to key in your username(email) and password, so do it.
Finally now you're in the blogger dashboard, click the NEW POST to start blogging on our class blog !

however, due to this is a class blog that all of our classmates can blog @ here,
please kindly let us know who you are,
type in your name in the end of your post is highly appreciated (:

If you have any problems about blogging stuff, please do not feel hesitate to ask me (:
email/msn: miss.blugirl@hotmail.com



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